Thursday, December 11, 2008

The best advice ever . . .

If you want the best advice I can offer you, it's this: Marry up. I did it in 1974 and have never looked back. I found a young woman who was smarter than me, better educated than me, more talented than me, more spiritual than me, better looking than me, and nicer than me and then I tricked her into marrying me. I'm not sure that she's ever figured out how I did that but I'm not about to reveal that now. The secret is to set the bar high, not just in your choice of a spouse, but in all of your significant relationships. I'm a better person because of who I married. Julia has challenged me to be and do my best and has inspired and encouraged me in the journey of life. For those of who who may have read Andy Stanley's book, The Best Question Ever, marrying Julia was the wise thing to do. Of course, this raises the question, "If Ken married up, doesn't this mean that Julia married down and what does that say?" I guess you'll have to ask her about that.

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