Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Celebrating Christmas

Right about now you’re probably full-swing into your preparation for Christmas but I hope that full-swing for you this year is more about Presence than it is about presents. I want to have fun at Christmas as much as the next guy. I enjoy giving gifts and even receiving them but when the wrapping paper is all thrown away, I don’t want to be left with just stuff. I want to be left with the Presence of the One whose birth we celebrate this month. I want to know Him better and I want to look more like Him that I did at this time last year. I want others to see a noticeable difference in me because of the One I serve. Wouldn’t that be the best present of all . . . to look more like Christ and to have done something this season that helps someone else experience more of Him?
Take time to sit and read this month. Read your Bible and read some of the great Christmas books that have been written over the years. Watch some of the great Christmas movies. Visit a neighbor or phone an old friend with whom you haven’t spoken in a long time. Connect with someone in a meaningful way. The world is full of lonely people and you have a divine appointment with some of them.

Have fun this season . . . buy some gifts. Shoot . . . we hope that some of them even came from Crossroads! But more than anything else, make sure that you unwrap some Presence this Christmas!

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