Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My friend, Mike

You may not know my friend, Mike Curry of Joplin, MO but you need someone in your life like him. Mike may be the most relational person I know. If you call him and get his voice mail, part of what you'll hear is: "I hate that I missed your call because people are important to me."

Mike loves people . . . more than things, more than status, more than most anything except his God. He's also one of the best encouragers I know and he means it. I can smell a phony and a flatterer a mile away and there's no hint of that with Mike. He looks for the good in people and acts to affirm it. I think even Barnabas could take some pointers from Mike. Who do you have in your life like Mike? Maybe the more important question is, "What would it take for you to be described like I described Mike?"

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