Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blogs as a conversation

When approached with the idea of creating an on-line journal (or blog) as a ministry leader at CUMC, it didn't take much to convince me to give it a shot. I like to write so this seemed a natural for me. One goal for the blog was to create an additional medium by which members, attenders (or, in my case, bookstore patrons) could get to know their staff better. My goal for this blog is not that it become a narrative about me but a conversation between a group of people with common interests. I describe my blog as "a conversation about the issues of your life and mine" and I hope that's what it is. The way that happens is for those who read it to post comments on the various blog entries. Hey, if I'm game to put myself out there by writing stuff for anyone to see, how about stepping out with me and sharing some of your own thoughts on those subjects? I value the input of those that God has placed in my path (even in my cyber-path) and look forward to reading your comments, as do the others who may read this blog . . . so join the conversation!

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