Monday, April 6, 2009

Chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and why I don't send Christmas cards anymore

I don’t know how many Christmas cards my wife and I get each year but it’s a bunch! After my first couple of years in Christian retail, I gave up on the notion of sending Christmas cards. Ours was a family business so everyone in the family pitched in at Christmas (and I mean everyone) and there was precious little time for addressing and sending Christmas cards. What came out of that was that we began sending Easter cards instead of Christmas cards and we used it as an opportunity to re-emphasize the significance of this holiday.

Christmas is a wonderful season but I’ll argue that Easter is actually the most significant Christian celebration. This is the time that we celebrate the coming together of God’s plan to reconcile us to Him. We don’t celebrate the death of Christ, we celebrate His resurrection!

I’m encouraged by the people that come into Crossroads looking to reclaim this celebration from the chocolate bunnies and jelly beans (not that I have anything against chocolate or jelly beans, mind you). I’m inspired by the people who are looking for resources to help them mine a deeper meaning from this celebration of the resurrection. My small group is participating in a church-wide study of Parables and Passion by John Indermark and I'm finding it helpful in preparing for the event that we’ll celebrate on April 12th. I hope that this Easter will be your most meaningful observance of the Resurrection to date and that each year you'll gain a greater appreciation for the sacrifice that was made for us. And it’s OK with me if you have some jelly beans and a chocolate bunny, too!

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