Friday, March 13, 2009

My apologies to anyone who's ever eaten one of my biscuits

If you've ever eaten a biscuit that I made, I owe you an apology. I didn't realize that until I ate biscuits at Dick Russell's Bar B Q in Tillman's Corner a few weeks ago. As a native Alabamian and life-long resident of the South, I've eaten a lot of biscuits in my day but none compare to the ones at Dick Russell's. If I was not already married, I probably would have sent a marriage proposal back to the kitchen that morning and just taken my chances on who was doing the baking. Of course, that would have spooked my wife so I restrained myself. I'm also a pretty good cook (although I've never been particularly proud of my biscuits) but after eating biscuits at Dick Russell's, I was downright ashamed of every one that I'd ever made. Their biscuits have a crispy little outside layer that conceals a light and fluffy interior. My biscuits, on the other hand, are neither light nor crispy . . . they look OK but don't taste anywhere as good as theirs. Their biscuits are now the standard by which I will judge all others.
They bring you two biscuits with your breakfast but I learned that if you smile at the waitress and ask real nice, she'll bring you more. I'm always going to smile and be extra nice when I'm there because I know what side my biscuit is buttered on. By the way, the biscuits pictures here are not the ones from Dick Russell's, it's just a picture that I swiped off the Internet. Their biscuits are much prettier than those and I believe that if I could load up a real picture of them, you'd be able to smell them. Surely there's a "scratch & sniff " gadget that I could upload to my blog, right?

Anybody know where I can get Dick Russell's recipe for biscuits?

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