Sunday, March 1, 2009


Some of my friends would describe me as a liberal. Of course, most of my friends are what I might describe as conservative. It's all relative, I guess. To make it more confusing, some people I might call liberal would consider me to be a conservative. Remember, it's all relative. Now that I've made this as clear as mud, let me pose this question: Why is that we like to label one another and how do we make that judgement? Maybe I describe my friends as conservative because they rally around the Holy Trinity of Conservatives (Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Sean Hannity). Maybe they describe me as liberal because I don't.

We all view life through the lens of our unique life experiences and those experiences influence our views on various issues. I've heard it said that a Democrat is just a Republican that hasn't been mugged, yet. Fortunately, neither my life experiences nor your life experiences define what is right and what is wrong. God does that for us and His Word, the Bible, is our guide for that. I like the way a friend, Karen Faire, once described it for me. She said, "How do you know that a stick is straight? You hold it up against a straight stick." For Christians, the Bible is the straight stick and as a Christian, God's word, not my personal experiences or your personal experiences should ultimately determine our position on those issues that you and I face.

If God determines right and wrong and Christians are subject to that authority, why is it that we have differing positions on the same issue? I'd value your comments on these questions because I'm still wrestling with them myself.

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