Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jesus was Middle Eastern Extremist

Tell the truth. If this guy was in the line ahead of you to board a plane, might you might just nonchalantly ease out of that line? I'd certainly give it serious consideration.
On my daily commute, I noticed a banner in front of Jubilee Church in Daphne that included a similar (but more menacing) image of Jesus and noticed how much that image looked like what I think of when I hear the words: Middle Eastern Extremist. That's what Jesus was . . . an extremist and so much more. He struck fear in the establishment of His day and two thousand years after His death and resurrection, He's still turning this world upside down.

This Middle Eastern Extremist still has a lot to teach me and much of what I need to learn is extreme by the world's standard. I need to learn to:
  • turn the other cheek,
  • judge less and forgive more,
  • pay attention to the people who cross my path,
  • be deliberate about steering my course into the places where there is the most need,
  • use the resources at my disposal to meet needs,
  • share truth and extend grace, and
  • focus on my mission.
What do you still need to learn from this Middle Eastern Extremist?

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