Friday, April 10, 2009

Light and Hope

I really like kids. I used to be one myself. Last week I greeted a customer as she entered the bookstore, a young mom holding her one year old son. After speaking to her, I spoke directly to the little boy who, in response to my greeting, held out his hands for me to take him. I love my job! I’m not a grandfather just yet but I get to play the part at the bookstore from time-to-time. Holding a little one like this child while I take his mom to find a product in our store is perhaps the best fringe benefit of working at Crossroads.

In how many other stores might this mom have let a perfect stranger take her son from her arms without some level of trepidation? That level of trust says something about the environment that our bookstore projects to our community. It’s a safe place. It’s a safe place to take your kids. It’s staffed with safe people. It’s a safe place to share your hurts and needs and a trustworthy source for answers to many real-life struggles.Each week at our Wednesday morning staff meeting, we begin by sharing the prayer needs that customers have shared with us over the previous week. Today, we prayed for a man whose wife of 20 years had told him that she was leaving him. We prayed for a mom whose two sons are addicted to alcohol. And there were more. Why do we know about these needs? Because, in Crossroads, Christ United Methodist Church has provided another safe place for people who might not venture elsewhere on our church campus or any other to seek truth and experience grace. I'm thankful that, in doing so, there is one more beacon of light and hope in this community.

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