Monday, May 4, 2009

The Task Force

It was recently announced at the Administrative Board meeting that the church has formed a task force to study and offer guidance for the future of Crossroads. Anytime that you share that kind of information with a large number of people, there's ample opportunity for misunderstanding and miscommunication so I wanted to make sure that you have a clear picture of what is actually unfolding.

The term Task Force conjures up a number of different images in my mind (one of which is depicted here) but this group is comprised of representatives from the church staff, finance, trustees and long-range planning. They will be evaluating the effectiveness of the Crossroads ministry and making a recommendation to the appropriate group(s) as to what direction we should take with regard to this ministry and the property that we occupy. What does this mean? Just what I said. This task force is a group of highly qualified men and women representing various aspects of the ministry of CUMC. They will study our present position and make recommendations for the future very soon. Please support them prayerfully through this process.

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