Friday, June 12, 2009

Behind the papered windows . . .

Well, the windows are papered and the doors are locked at Crossroads Books & Gifts. Our last day of regular business was Friday, June 12th. We'll be closed until 9:30 AM on Thursday, June 18th when we'll re-open for our BIG LIQUIDATION SALE. In the meantime, the staff will be working hard each day as we lower the prices on inventory and prep the store for the sale. We're expecting Thursday, Friday and Saturday (June 18-20) to be, perhaps, the highest 3 days of sales in the history of Crossroads! Come early and be prepared to find some bargains.

Many of you who have heard that we're closing have expressed your support and have asked how you may help. Thank you for that. Well, nothing says, "I appreciate you" quite like dropping a big old wad of cash at this sale and helping us liquidate our inventory! I know that's a bit brash but this will be a great opportunity for our customers to SAVE BIG as we tie up the loose ends and clear the way for the next area of ministry to which God is calling us.

Hope to see you here next weekend!

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