Monday, June 1, 2009

Course Correction

Following Jesus is never a straight line. While Jesus stayed true to His mission and didn't veer off-course, His mission zigzagged from time-to-time.
  • "Hold on . . . who was that who touched the hem of my robe?"
  • "Hey guys, these folks are getting hungry. See that kid over there with the bread and the fish? Get 'em and bring 'em to me. Now watch this!"
  • "Fire up the grill Zaccheus, I'm having dinner at your place tonight." In the same way, the course that Christ United Methodist Church takes in following Jesus will not be a straight line. In 2001, CUMC followed Jesus in opening Crossroads Books & Gifts. In 2009, we're following Him in bringing that particular ministry to a close and moving in another direction. The is simply a course correction, following Jesus as He leads us to new places. Our goal is still the same; our course has just been altered as we follow Him.

Course corrections are not necessarily an indication that you started out wrong or even that you veered off course. Ask any sailor. Course corrections can result from a shift in the wind, tide or currents. That's what has happened here. The currents have changed in the area of Christian retail and Jesus is now calling us to a course correction and the adventure of faith continues.

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