Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flat Squirrels

Recently, a man named Wayne Walker told me about a saying that he saw posted in an office. It said something to this effect: "The highways are paved with flat squirrels who couldn't make a decision." That's a pretty good description of some of the squirrels that have run out in front of my car. You know what I'm talking about . . . the squirrel runs out in road, stops and just looks at you. He hesitates as he decides whether to run to the right, the left, or just hunker down. The squirrel that waits gets flattened. I know some people like that, too. They're faced with a tough decision, become paralyzed by it and they, too, get run down.

Wayne shared that saying with me in the context of our discussions about the future of Crossroads Books & Gifts. Wayne works for G.A. Wright, Inc., a company that specializes in both helping businesses build traffic in their stores and in assisting businesses in liquidating their assets when they determine that the time is right to close the doors. Crossroads was at a crossroads (pardon the pun, I just couldn't resist.) We had to make a decision about moving to the right or to the left. Hunkering down was only going to get us flattened. Making a decision recklessly and without study, deliberation and wise counsel is foolish but making no decision at all and letting things just take their course is fatal.

Our decision that it was time to bring this ministry to a close did not come before we had:
  • sought wise, competent and godly counsel
  • carefully studied the best practices of the Christian retail industry
  • made numerous adjustments to our operation including staffing, inventory, etc., and
  • prayed for God's direction and leadership.

The decision is bittersweet for us. We're thankful for the opportunity that Crossroads has had to serve God and this community. We're thankful for the lives that have been changed for all of eternity because God chose to use this ministry to serve Him. We're sad to see it come to an end but we're confident that God did not bring us to this place to simply leave us here. He has something new for us to do and has used this ministry to prepare for that.

In the end, we will not be flat squirrels!

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