Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hope Lives - a book review

A few weeks ago I wrote about a book that I was reading titled Hope Lives by Amber Van Schooneveld . This week, I finish the study with my small group and I'm compelled to tell you that this study has been the most important one that I have done in a very long time. Maybe it's about where I am in life right now or maybe it's not. Maybe it's because I now understand that:
  • I can't change everything but God is not asking that of me,
  • the opposite of poverty is not wealth but enough,
  • the problem of poverty is rooted in hopelessness, apathy and fatalism,
  • God created this earth so that it could provide food enough for all of the people who live on it,
  • poverty is not necessarily the result of laziness or bad choices,
  • I am blessed so that I can be a blessing to others,
  • giving money isn't the only way that I can help, and
  • God shapes my heart through prayer.
This book can change your life. I know that it has changed mine.

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