Monday, June 8, 2009

"Oh, snap!"

One of my my favorite bloggers is Jon Acuff, the author of Stuff Christians Like. This guy is an incredible talent and really fun to read. In his blog recently, he used the expression "Oh, snap!" and even commented on his extensive use of that expression. I had noticed that expression in his writing before and thought how funny it is that many of us substitute acceptable expressions for ones that others might frown upon. Dee Pace, who used to work for me at The Good Book and was famous for yelling, "Oh, sugar!" when startled or frustrated and all of the rest of us knew to steer clear when we heard it. She wasn't announcing that she was about to be extra sweet . . . it simply meant that she was exasperated. For Dee, who now is a church secretary, saying, "Oh, sugar!" is much more genteel and far more acceptable than using the other "S" word.

I can be pretty frank, forthright or coarse when I want to be and when I think it's appropriate but I don't think many people would call me foul-mouthed. The truth is that most people would rather hear snap or sugar that it's four-letter counterpart and they get the same idea. So snap it is for me! The next time I'm frustrated, you'll probably hear me exclaim, "Oh, snap!"

What about you? What are your favorite, family-friendly expressions?

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