Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Card Lady

We all have a calling and Peggy Copeland's calling is card writing. I met Peggy in our bookstore about a dozen years ago and although she may have bought other things from us from time to time, the main thing she came for was greeting cards. She told me that this was her ministry. God had called her to encourage people by sending them cards.

When Peggy learned that my mother was widowed, lived alone and had suffered an injury that severely limited her mobility, she asked for her mailing address. It was only then that I learned the impact of her ministry. My mother showed me a card Peggy had sent her that included a brief but personal note and she wondered about this woman and why she sent her this card. That was the first of several cards that my mother received from Peggy over the next couple of years. The two women have never met but Peggy continues to minister to my mother by encouraging her in the notes she sends her.

Peggy had a stroke a few years back and suffered significant memory loss. She didn't remember me, our staff or our bookstore, at first. Her husband, Jim, brought her to the bookstore one day and told her that this was her favorite store although it was as if this was the first time that she had ever stepped across the threshold. Gradually, much of her memory returned and, with it, her ministry. Once when Jim came to the store to look for a gift for Peggy, I told him that that best thing he could give her might just be a roll of stamps! He agreed and headed for the post office.

I'm fortunate to have benefited from the ministry of this quiet, unassuming lady and I'm thankful that she heard her calling and was faithful to follow it.

Who are the people who have ministered to you in some modest way?

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