Friday, August 28, 2009

Golf's Sacred Journey by David L. Cook

In Golf's Sacred Journey, Seven Days at the Links of Utopia, author David L. Cook, a sports psychologist, crafts a story of a frustrated golfer who escapes to the hill country of Texas after a disastrous melt-down during a golf tournament. In the backwoods community of Utopia, TX, he encounters a former golf pro who promises to transform his game if he will commit to spend 7 days with him. Thinking he has nothing left to lose, the golfer takes the challenge and embarks on what proves to be more than a game-changing journey at a run-down course that the locals jokingly call "Goat Ranch Country Club." Change his game he does, but he transforms his life in the process, too. "See it, feel it, trust it" prove to be important words in more than the game of golf.
A well-written book, Golf's Sacred Journey is an excellent tool to introduce a golfer to a life more meaningful than any game. The technical aspects of the story will hold the interest of the reader until, in the last couple of chapters of the book, the plot takes a twist and the real value of this journey is revealed.

I promise that if you read it, you'll immediately think of someone with whom you'll want to share it.

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