Monday, August 3, 2009


It's official. I'm jobless. Our last day of business at Crossroads was August 1st and after I tie up the loose ends this week, I'm out of work. Creepy. At age 56, I'm too young to retire and I'm not exactly in the most employable demographic, either. I asked my wife if I could just stay home and be her "boy toy" but she told me that I was about 60 pounds too heavy and 30 years too old to be any woman's "boy toy."

This is one of those times that I'm especially thankful that the future is not in my hands. God is good all the time. I can trust Him with my future because He's already been there. So, what am I going to do? When the going gets tough, the tough go on vacation! I've heard people do that but it never made much sense to me until now. It's a sure bet that when I start a new job, I'm not going to have an opportunity to take a vacation for a while so that makes taking a vacation seem like a really good idea. Maybe it's not the most financially good idea but I'm not planning to take an Alaskan or Mediterranean cruise, just a few days away from home to unwind and re-energize.

Because I pranked some of you before with the "Donald Miller Co-Author" thing, you may doubt me when I tell you that I actually do have an itty bitty writing gig, albeit an unpaid itty bitty writing gig. The good folks at have agreed to let me submit some articles to them. Check it out here where I'm scheduled to have an article titled "Sincerely Wrong" under the "My Faith" tab on the site in an upcoming issue. I enjoy writing and would like to translate that into my next career but we can't always support ourselves just doing what we like to do . . . even the Apostle Paul had to make a few tents to make ends meet.

Pray for me as I listen for where God would have me serve next.

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