Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Many Thanks to Lane Hoage and G.A. Wright, Inc.

My dad used to say, "Even a blind hog can find an acorn every now and then." That was his way of saying that if you keep working at it, everyone will get lucky occasionally.  I wasn't just lucky to discover G.A Wright Marketing to assist Crossroads in the closing of our store, I was blessed to find them. Mr. Lane Hoage, our consultant, spent about 8 weeks managing the liquidation sale and helping us recover the maximum return from our assets. He took up residence in a local hotel, never left town during the entire process, and impressed us with his work ethic. I think his performance was commendable and certainly dispels many of the stereotypes that some of us have about business consultants. He earned the respect of our staff.

Although some aspects of their strategy were outside of my comfort zone (prize contest, extended time frame for the sale), we hired them to do a job and trusted their expertise. Over and over, their plan proved to be successful. They didn't disappoint us or our customers and their strategy generated a very desirable outcome.

I heartily endorse them and offer my sincere thanks to Mr. Hoage for a great job!

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