Friday, September 25, 2009

Monkey Boogers

I'm planning to redesign my blog and was trying to come up with a clever new name for it.  Monkey Boogers made the first list but for no apparent reason  . . . I must have been picking my nose when I thought of it.  Not to worry, Monkey Boogers won't make the cut because I want to use original graphics and I'm not planning to hang out in front of the monkey exhibit at the zoo until I can catch one picking his nose.  It's amazing, however, just how many pictures you can bring up when you Google "monkey picking nose."  The photos even include one of Hillary Clinton picking her nose but I don't know what that means.

If you had to settle on a title for your thoughts, interests and life, just how would you go about that?  That's where I am right now . . . re-thinking the next step in my life.  The closing of the bookstore and my resulting unemployment has forced me to make some decisions that I didn't exactly plan to be making at this point in my life.  The first decision is how I will provide for my family.  The next one is how can I do that and make the most of my gifts and skills.  Both of these decisions led me to think of how I might title my life if I had to put it into words.  I hope Monkey Boogers isn't the best description of my thoughts, interests and life  . . .  but who knows?

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