Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"No God? No Problem?" Part 2

When I read the USA Today article about the National Godless Holiday ad campaign by the American Humanist Association, it was newly posted and there were only a handful of comments.  The last time that I looked there were 123 comments on this one article!  The comments were far longer than the entire text of the article and the emotions ran high on both sides of the debate.

After reading the first 10 pages of the 14 pages of comments, I stopped.  I was surprised by the disgust, anger and hostility conveyed by so many commenters but more than anything else, I was disappointed with how Christians responded both to the article and to other commenters.   Let me tell you, if I were an atheist, I wouldn't have been won over by any of the comments I read from those representing Christianity.  Only a couple of the comments would have even created any curiosity about our faith.  Perhaps I'm naive, but I didn't realize that Christians are held in such low esteem by atheists.

In Part 1 of  "No God? No Problem?", I posed the question: How do you respond to the humanist assertion that you can be good without a belief in God? So far, no one has offered a thought on this.  If I get at least 3 comments in response to that question, I'll share my thoughts in a Part 3 on this topic.  If not, we'll move on.

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