Friday, November 27, 2009

What are you thankful for?

It's Thanksgiving Day as I write this although we won't celebrate the holiday at our house until Friday when the rest of our family will be here.  Julia and I attended a Thanksgiving service this morning at a Fairhope United Methodist Church.  Even though it's not my church home, we know a lot of people on the staff and in the church so we felt at home with them.  Attending this brief service took the focus off of the preparation for the holiday meal and the festivities of the occasion and put it back on the meaning of the occasion. I think this service (or a similar one) will be a new tradition for us.  As much as I love a great Thanksgiving meal (and at my present weight, it's clear that I love food), I realized that I put too much emphasis on the meal and festivities and too little emphasis on the meaning of the occasion. It's funny how easily we can corrupt a  good thing in our lives such as the Thanksgiving holiday by putting an unreasonable amount of emphasis on the wrong things.

What can you and I do to reclaim the meaning of the holidays?

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