Sunday, December 6, 2009

Drops Like Stars - a book review

Even though it's a beautifully and creatively illustrated and constructed coffee table style book, at $35 suggested retail, a book that you can read in 30 minutes seems kinda pricey. However, Rob Bell's newest book, Drops Like Stars is worth every penny!  After just finishing it, I still struggle to describe what it's really about.  It's not a story, although it contains stories.  It's not a discourse on scripture, although it contains scripture.  It's not a how-to-live book, although I feel  like I know better how-to-live my life after having read it.

Bell introduces us to a new framework through which to view our life experiences by sharing fresh concepts illustrated through real life stories.  Sometimes fewer words are better than many words so in 133 sparsely worded pages, he explores
  • the role of disruption in our lives, 
  • the role of honesty in our lives, 
  • the role of ache in our lives, 
  • the role of solidarity in our lives,
  • the role of elimination in our lives, and
  • the role of failure in our lives. 

Looking at life through these lenses, we can see it differently and more fully appreciate the role that each of these factors plays in shaping us and our life-view.  May you, too, see drops like stars.  (That last sentence will only make sense once you've read the book!)

This book will make a great gift! I bought it to send to a friend but there's no harm in reading it first, right?

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