Monday, December 14, 2009

Fa la la la la . . . SHUT UP!

I don't have much patience with people who fret over what their spiritual gifts are because I think they miss a lot of opportunities by doing so.  Scripture gives us a peek at what those gifts may be in 1Corinthians 12:7-11 NLT.  I've taken at least 3 spiritual gifts assessments and none of them have yielded what I would describe as enlightening results.  I'm of the school that says, "Try something.  If you're good at it and it yields a good outcome then it may just be your spiritual gift."  If you find that you're not good at, say "giving wise advice", then leave that job to someone who is and continue the search for the gift that God has given you. I'm also a believer that if you dedicate yourself to doing something on the mistaken notion that it's your spiritual gift and it's not, God will smack you down, if necessary.  That  may be one of the things illustrated in the case of the chicken in this cartoon.  Of course, another point of this cartoon was just that the chicken was going to wake up baby Jesus with all that noise.  If I were to be so tone deaf as to think that singing was my spiritual gift for building up the Body of Christ, I think God would not hesitate to send the same Angel of the Lord  to appear before me and saith unto me  . . . "SHUT UP!"  OK, I know that singing (or clucking, as the case may be) is not specifically identified as a spiritual gift but I think you get the point.  We can trust God to redirect us if we are earnestly and sincerely seeking Him but head off in the wrong direction.  We just need to consistently  listen for His voice and be willing to take a "smack-down", if necessary.

Do you sometimes struggle to identify your spiritual gifts?  If so, has God ever had to smack you down?

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