Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's our first anniversary!

Today is the first anniversary of this blog!  After 12 months and 122 posts, the blog and I are still together. I can't speak for the blog (or maybe I can?) but it's been a good experience for me.  I've had an opportunity to explore and write on a number of different topics but admit that I'm still trying to find my voice.  This blog has been the birthplace of articles that have subsequently been published in 3 magazines (and soon-to-be in a 4th). 

Here are some of the surprises about blogging for me:

  • The tools are relatively easy to use but I spend more time on it than I thought I might.
  • I'm surprised at what posts are most popular based on the number of visits that come from various search engines.  A post I wrote on Biblical conflict resolution is consistently the most popular post, getting several hits every week.
  • Readers seldom comment on a blog post using the comments section even though it can be done anonymously.  They will e-mail me a comment but rarely post their comment to the blog. (Hint: Bloggers crave comments posted to the blog, positive or negative.)
  • Readers seldom rate the blog post using the "reactions" section at the bottom of each post even though it requires only a single mouse-click.
  •  Blogging has magnified my grammar weaknesses, such as punctuation.  Among other things, I realize that I hardly know how or where to use a comma or apostrophe anymore! You'd probably find it hard to believe that I used to be really good at grammar!

Few, if any of you (other than some of my family members) have been reading this blog for the whole year but I'd greatly value your feedback.   
  • What are your favorite posts?  
  • What characteristics of this blog are appealing to you? 
  • What characteristics of this blog are unappealing to you?
  • What other suggestions do you have for improvement?

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