Friday, January 15, 2010

Helping those who are already serving in Haiti

Several months ago, I wrote about Jim Caple, a friend of mine, and his experience ministering to the poor in Haiti here.  Jim tells me that the mission with which he works in Haiti is located north of the area affected by the earthquake this week but that they expect a large number of refugees to descend on them in the coming days and will be severely under-resourced to meet those needs.  There are many fine international agencies providing much-needed aid to the Haitians right now but there are also ministries that have been serving these people long before this week and will be serving them long after.  I hope that, like me, you will also considering supporting these 2 smaller ministries that have long had a heart for the people of Haiti and have been serving them faithfully.  Their established relationships may open doors not open to some of the other relief agencies now also at work there.  Here are links to these 2  worthy ministries: 

Missionary Flights International

Grace Mission

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