Friday, January 8, 2010

I should know better . . .

I should know better than to weigh-in on a political discussion, especially one that involves the debate on health care reform.   I'm wondering if I can install some sort of application on my computer that prevents me from doing that or at least delays any comment that I may offer for 24 hours so that I give myself one more chance to back out.  I have long had concerns about the health care industry in our country and believed that it needed serious reform.   There have been times that my views have earned me the ire of friends in that industry and I've learned to take a deep breath and count to ten before engaging in that discussion face-to-face.  Unfortunately, the internet presents another temptation to engage in conversation when I should stay out of it. 
Today, I commented on a post here by an excellent blogger named Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds hosted by The Gospel Coalition.  Justin responded to my comment graciously but challenged my assertion.  Although my comment provoked a civil discussion, I realize that my initial comment was more of a rant than a reasonable comment and I don't like rants, even if they come from me.  I let my frustration with the health care reform debate and my disdain for the recent behavior of many of our elected representatives direct my comment and that's never a good idea, even if the comment is sincere.

What did I learn from this?  I learned to think twice, take a deep breath and ask myself, "Is there any significant good to come from me entering into this discussion?"

How do you decide when to weigh-in on a discussion and when to stay out?

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