Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm a sucker for little kids

Last night, I got to hold and rock a newborn little boy who was just 6 hours old. On Sunday, I got to play with my nephew's son who is just 17 months old.  I just love little kids  . . . until they grow up and become obnoxious teenagers!

Once you've had your own kids, you're no longer traumatized by having a baby spit-up on you, you can change a stinky diaper without gagging, and you can bandage a bobo with the skill of a M.A.S.H. surgeon.  There's just something about having that experience under your belt that makes spending time with children so enjoyable.  I realized that even with all of my rookie parent  mistakes, my two sons survived and have turned out well, if I do say so myself.  (Of course, that may be due more to the influence of their mother than their father.) In any event, I'm free to enjoy other children knowing that I'm not likely to permanently damage them.

While I was rocking little Brooks last night, my wife was talking with Stephanie, his mom.  I honestly can't tell you a thing that they said even though I was just a few feet away from them.  My attention was fixed on this new little life.  I was mesmerized by all of his facial expressions as he lay there sleeping.  There's just something pure and pristine about a baby.

We didn't get to spend but a couple of hours with my nephew's son on Sunday but at nearly a year and a half old, he, too, is the picture of innocence.  This was my first time to see him in person so he was understandably shy with me.  After he watched me interact with Grant and Jennifer, his parents, I began to earn his trust and he let me take him out for a couple of walks around the restaurant where we were having dinner.  When my wife got her turn to take him out for a bit, she returned with him sound asleep against her shoulder. I have to confess that I was was terribly jealous!  There's probably nothing that says, "I trust you" more than having a child fall asleep in your arms.

Now it's your turn.  What is it about little kids that makes them special to you?

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