Friday, January 22, 2010

Living dangerously

You've just gotta admire this lady's spunk!  Assuming that's her own birthday cake, I figure she's earned the right to live dangerously and have a smoke.  Who knows?  Maybe that's how she made it to be 100?

I, on the other hand, live life pretty safely.  I don't skydive, cliff dive, bungee jump, swim with sharks, race cars, smoke, drink, take drugs  . . . OK, you get the picture.  I live a life without a ton of risks.  I eat too much and I eat the wrong things but that's pretty much the extent of my risk-taking.

The older I get, the more inclined I am to take a lesson from someone like this old lady and take more risks.  I probably won't take up skydiving because I'm still not a thrill-seeker but I want to be more willing to take risks that have the potential for a significant pay-off  . . . but in a "making a difference" way.

I want to be more spontaneous because I realize how many lost opportunities I have watched go by while I waited and planned.  I want to respond to needs as they present themselves, all the while understanding that every problem that I encounter is not mine to fix, every need is not mine to meet.

Are you a spontaneous risk-taker?

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