Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who? Me?

Take a walk around your house right now.  Flip on a light switch, adjust the thermostat, open your refrigerator and see what's inside.  Open your kitchen cabinets and take a look at the food that you have on hand and the utensils that you have to cook with.  Turn on your stove.  Pour yourself a glass of clean water.  Meander back to your bedroom and look at the bed where you slept last night and then open your closet to see what clothes you have to choose from.  Go to your bathroom and turn on the shower and flush the toilet.  Now imagine that you didn't have any of these things and that you have no means by which to acquire them.  Welcome to Haiti this morning!

How should I respond to the crisis in Haiti?  Jesus gave us a pretty good clue in Matthew 25:34-40 NLT when he talked about how we respond to the "least of these" who are hungry, thirsty, sick, a stranger, and in prison.  I'm not suggesting that you necessarily jump on a plane and head to Port-au-Prince unless you have specific skills that would be needed there and are already a part of an organized effort.   I am, however, suggesting that you and I are called to support in tangible ways the Haitians who are suffering from a catastrophic earthquake .

Much aid is already on the way but much more is needed.  Don't underestimate the magnitude of the devastation there.  Pray earnestly but give generously.  And do it now.  I posted links to a couple of reliable organizations on my blog here yesterday but there are many more.  Choose one or spread your contribution among many of them but think about what you have that the Haitians do not have and respond accordingly. 

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