Monday, March 29, 2010

The Hope Center is a good start

I'm starting to feel my age.  Now that I have a little mileage on me, I seem to have minor breakdowns more often and I've been down with a chest cold or something for the last few days.

This has me thinking about how grateful I am to have access to good medical care.  I can visit a pharmacy within just a few blocks of my house and pick-up some over-the-counter medicine to help me through minor illnesses such as this one.  I can see a physician, if necessary and all of this is a blessing that I often take for granted.  The reality is that an enormous number of people don't share these same advantage with me.  There are people right here in my community who can't afford even the over-the-counter medicines that I have been taking the past few days, who can't afford health insurance, and who just "tough it out" when they are sick.

I'm thankful for facilities like the new Hope Center at Church on the Eastern Shore that had their grand opening last week.  They're already providing limited service to uninsured and low income people in our community and have plans to expand services over time.  Staffed primarily with volunteers, they are already providing minor dental care, medical care and counseling services, with plans to further expand those services as more volunteers come forward to help.

The Hope Center will not solve all of the health care shortages in this community but it's a good start and I'm thankful for their leadership in making this investment.

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