Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How 'bout teaming up with me?

If you've read much of this blog, you're probably already aware that I have been deeply moved by the the plight of the people of Haiti since the earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince earlier this year.  I'm now making plans to go to Haiti in June with a medical mission team through the Oaks of Righteousness Ministry and am looking for folks to pray for me as I prepare for this trip and while I'm there.  While we won't be serving in Port-au-Prince, we'll be serving in an area north of there where many of the refugees have fled.  This is not a sneaky way to later ask you for financial support, as I have already sent payment in full for that part of the preparation. What I need is to know that people are praying for this team and specifically for me. 

If you'd be interested in partnering with me in this mission by praying for me, click here and send me an e-mail (with your name) to let me know. I'll get back with you and try to work it out so that I have at least one person praying for me on each of the 8 days of the trip and periodically prior to the trip.

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