Monday, May 3, 2010

Eating cereal for supper and watching Wheel of Fortune

When did I turn into an old person? Julia and I ate cereal for supper while watching Wheel of Fortune 3 times last week.  How did this happen?  Wasn't it just yesterday that I was young and cool?  OK, maybe not cool but I was young once.   For my parents generation, it was watching The Lawrence Welk Show that gave you away as being old.  For this generation of old folks, it's watching Wheel of Fortune and eating cereal for supper. 

The first time that I suspected I was getting old was last year when we made plans to meet friends Mike & Rhonda Curry in Branson, Missouri.  Branson, as you may have heard, is the Mecca for old people in this country.  It's the Promised Land of stage shows, musicals, casinos and buffets.  (Buffet is actually an acronym for big ugly fat folks eating together.) It's the place that stage performers go to die after they're past their prime.  In case you haven't heard, old people love the land of musical stage shows and buffets.   Before you judge me, know this:  We did not attend a single stage show when we were in Branson but simply met there because Mike & Rhonda had access to a condo on the river where we could spend a couple of days just visiting.  We did not wear matching air brushed t-shirts nor those big wrap around sunglasses. We did our best to not look like we fit in there.

Nevertheless, I realize that I'm getting old.  My older son will soon be 30 years old, both of my sons are now married, my body has taken on a decidedly rounder shape, my once brown hair is now much lighter in color (I prefer the term blond to the the less gentle adjective of gray.) I'm still too young to retire but I guess that I'll have to admit that I may just be past my prime.

Being older does have some perks, however.  If I shop at Bruno's Supermarket on Wednesdays, I sometime am given the 5% Senior discount even though I'm still 4 years shy of the qualifying age.  If the checkout person ask me if I qualify, I tell them, "Not, yet!" but sometimes they just scan their discount card without even asking.  I guess that means that I look like I'm 60 years old and that's quite humbling but at least they compensate me for the insult with a 5% discount.

It's almost supper time so I guess I'll just settle back and have a bowl of cereal now.

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