Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meet our new daughter-in-law!

It's been two weeks since their April 24th wedding and Zack & Laura are still married!  I take that as a good sign so I guess it's safe now to introduce you to our new daughter-in-law in person. We're inviting our friends to stop by the house on a Sunday afternoon and visit with Zack & Laura for a few minutes.

Since they were married in Tallahassee in a small family wedding, not many of our friends have had the opportunity to meet  Laura and since Zack has lived away from Fairhope for almost 8 years, many have not seen him in a long time.  We thought this would be a good time to invite you to drop by the house and say, "Hello" so consider this your invitation!

It's going to be a casual drop-in event but Julia and I have been busy baking in preparation for this little get-together and are going to try an interesting idea that we read about.  The only refreshments that we'll be serving are strawberry iced tea and homemade cookies.  Here's the catch, though:  we making from scratch and baking more than a thousand cookies.  That, my friend, is a bunch of cookies!  The idea is that guests will sample various types of homemade cookies and we'll provide you with a quart-sized carry-out box to fill with some of your favorites to take home with you.  You can enjoy them at home or share them with a friend but you'll have a small take-away from the party. 

Hope to see you on the 23rd!

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