Friday, June 4, 2010

"Beyond petroleum, my ass!"

I laughed out loud when I heard Rachel Maddow exclaim, "Beyond petroleum, my ass!" on her show last night after finishing a segment on the current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

I think it's an understatement of epic proportions to say that folks here along the Gulf Coast are frustrated by the uncontrolled oil spill continuing 45 days after the oil rig disaster.  With winds coming out of the south, we smelled the oil spill at our house for the first time today and that really brought this oil crisis home to us (no pun intended).

BP's "Beyond Petroleum" advertising campaign has become fodder for ridicule.  Among the variations on that campaign that have been offered are:
  • Beyond Preposterous
  • Beyond Propaganda
  • Beyond Pollution
  • British Polluter
 Got any other variations that you want to offer?