Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Clinics - Haiti, Part 5

Medical clinics such as the ones that our team conducted don't just happen.  Months of planning and preparation have to take place to secure the medical supplies, package and transport them, assemble the team and prepare them for the mission, schedule the clinics and so much more.  Just the logistics of organizing and implementing these clinics that provide only basic medical care are more than most of us might imagine.  But God is good and the 4 medical clinics that were conducted in Limbe, Bas Limbe, and Acul over a 4 day period went remarkably smoothly. From the initial intake on each patient, to the assessments, to the filling of prescriptions and explaining to the patients how to use them, the team worked efficiently together and more than 700 patients were seen and treated over the course of our trip. 

Our nurses and doctor not only examined and assessed each patient but they concluded each exam by asking patients how they might pray for them.  In doing so, they uncovered many needs and each one was lifted to the One who can meet every need . . . physical, emotional and spiritual. 

No story was more poignant than the one of a mother of young albino boy at the clinic in Acul.  After completing the exam of her and her children, Mike asked how he might pray for her.  After getting up to leave, she turned and sat back down.

"Pray that my son might have a friend," she added.

Albino children are often ostracized and sometimes even abandoned in the Haitian culture where dark skin is the norm and an albino child is glaringly different.  Apart from the physical complications associated with his condition (especially in a tropical climate), his greatest need was for companionship and acceptance.  It was clear that this mother loved and accepted her child even while she grieved for him . . . and we grieved with her.  We offer words of encouragement and trust that God hears our prayers and brings comfort to this child through the love of friends and the knowledge that he has a Heavenly Father who loves him unconditionally. 

As important as it is that this team ministered to the medical needs of so many Haitians, our greatest joy was found in the 20 people who prayed to receive Christ into their hearts and lives during the clinics.  That was the healing that will last for all of eternity. Scripture tells us that the angels rejoice with each one that comes to know Christ and we celebrated with them over these who accepted His gift of salvation.  We pray that they will grow in their faith and that the light of Christ will shine brightly through them in Haiti. 

The story of hope continues tomorrow.