Monday, June 28, 2010

Partnering in ministry - Haiti, the conclusion

 "Loving God and loving others"  . . . that's how Jesus answered the question posed to him about what was the greatest  commandment. In his answer, Jesus also gave us the definition of missions in it's simplest terms:   

Loving God and loving others. 

That's what Cindy Heyne and  Oaks of Righteousness Ministry does every time that a medical team goes to provide medical care in Haiti to those who don't otherwise have access to it.

Loving God and loving others.

 That's what the staff of volunteers at Missionary Flights International does every time they fly a group of people to a Caribbean country to serve others.

Loving God and loving others.

That what Paul & Belle and Ray & Bonnie do every day at Grace Missions when they are operating an orphanage, providing food to hungry people, sharing the Gospel in their church, and educating children in their school.

Loving God and loving others.

God gifts each of us in various ways to serve him and others.  He's given you a unique set of gifts, talents, and experiences that you can us to follow his call to "Love God and love others." 

So how can you be involved in missions in Haiti?  
  • Maybe God is calling you to join Cindy on one of the medical teams of Oaks of Righteousness Ministry that go to Haiti several times a year to serve or to help underwrite the cost of medicines and supplies.
  • Maybe God is calling you to financially support the incredible work of Missionary Flights International in transporting missionaries and supplies at such a low cost, thereby making it possible for much aid to get to the people of Haiti through various Christian ministries.
  • Maybe God is calling you to offer your gifts, skills and talents to the staff of Grace Missions by serving with them on a short-term project or to provide financial support to them for the everyday needs that they meet for the people of Limbe.  

You can find contact information and a means to provide financial assistance to each of these fine ministries by clicking on the link at their names in the paragraph above.  

Loving God and loving others  . . . in tangible, life-changing ways.