Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vincent van Dog

This is Rags, our Parson Jack Russell Terrier.  We got him for a very modest $25 donation at an animal shelter about 10 years ago.  In the last 8 days however, he's cost us a bundle and the meter is still running.  First, it was his annual shots, an expense to be expected.  Ka ching!  While he was in for the shots and annual exam, it was determined that a cyst on his belly needed to removed surgically.  Ka ching! The next day when I picked him up after the surgery, one of his ears filled up with blood and he had a cauliflower ear like a boxer (as in, a fighter not as in, the breed of dog.)  I took him back the following day to have the ear drained. There was no charge for this visit and that was a relief!  A couple of days later, I had to take him back when the ear filled up with blood again and this time to drain the blood and have laser surgery to "quilt" his ear so that it would not fill up again with blood. Ka ching!

When I picked him up today, he comes out with his head all bandaged up and looking like van Gough after he cut off his ear.  Although I understand that his ear is still under the bandage, he definitely has that van Gough look going on at the moment.

Did I mention that meter is still running?  He's due back to the veterinarian on Friday to have the stitches and staples removed from the cyst surgery, hear the results of the pathology test on the cyst, and have the dressing changed on his ear.  Ka ching! I'm expecting that I'll need to go back to have that ear dressing removed and checked again.  Ka ching!

Let me be clear, however.  I have the greatest confidence in our veterinarian, Dr. Babette Dixon.  I'm not blaming her for the financial explosion here, I'm just saying that a $25 dog can become really expensive.

I think I'm going to have to put one of my kidneys on eBay in order to pay for Rags' vet bill so if you know of someone who needs a slightly used but healthy kidney, please have them contact me.