Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Missing element

OK, now I get it.  The thing that's keeping me from my goal of becoming a famous blogger is that I'm not famous.  All I have to do now is become famous.  
(I'm indebted to cartoonist Dave Walker for helping me understand this.)

Tell the truth, you wouldn't read Paris Hilton's blog if she weren't already a famous tramp actress personality person, would you?  I really don't know if Paris Hilton has a blog but if she does, you can bet that there are a bunch of idiots people that read it.  I'll admit that many of the blogs that I read, I read because I already know something of the writer. If I hadn't already heard of them, I probably would never have heard of their blog in the bazillions of blogs out there in the blogosphere.  An example of this is Michael Hyatt's blog. I became familiar with Mike as the President of the oldest Christian publishing company, Thomas Nelson Publishers and respected his expertise and success.  I have to admit that he drives me crazy sometimes with some of the things he writes (that's a story for another time, however) but I still follow his blog because I respect his expertise in some areas.  

In all fairness, this concept that you have to be famous to be a successful blogger isn't entirely true.   One of the blogs I follow is Jon Acuff's blog, Stuff Christians Like.  He wasn't famous when he started this blog but his blog is a huge success because of his talented writing.  He's both a wildly entertaining satirist and a thoughtful, contemplative writer (see his Serious Wednesdays posts). He still works another full-time job and it's probably rare for someone to recognize him on the street as a famous personality.  None-the-less, he's a very successful blogger and his success was the result of his writing skill.

I guess I'm just gonna have to quit blaming my lack of famousity (I just invented that word here and now) for the fact that I'm not yet a famous blogger and get to work becoming a better writer.