Monday, July 19, 2010

Worshiping God at the buffet

Ya just can't sneak past God.  I should know  . . . I tried it this past Sunday.  We skipped Sunday morning worship this week and headed up the road to explore the river delta area in the northern part of our county.  We drove over the rolling hills and took in the view of the rivers and bays that we saw along the way.  By early afternoon, we found ourselves in the charming old community of Stockton.  The churches were letting out and the parking lot of the lone restaurant in the town, The Stagecoach Cafe, was already packed.  Feeling a twinge of guilt at having skipped church today, we drove around the community admiring the old homes and  waiting for the church crowd to disperse.  It's not like we were gonna know anybody in the restaurant but I was still feeling a bit self-conscious about going into the restaurant wearing shorts when I knew full well that the place would be full of folks in the "church clothes." 

We came back by the restaurant and saw that a few people were leaving so we pulled into one of the available parking spaces.  Entering the restaurant, we could see that there was still a good crowd but the hostess directed us to an open table.  As we made our way to the table, we walked past an elderly woman playing some lively music on an electric keyboard.  It's been a long time since I had been in a restaurant that had live entertainment, especially someone's Granny playing an electric keyboard.  We hadn't been seated long before we realized that Granny must have been a church pianist/organist.  Virtually every song she played was a hymn but with a honkey-tonk twist to it.  I'm pretty sure that Granny has "sewn a few wild oats" in  her day . . . she didn't learn that music style in church.

The buffet was a feast and we enjoyed every bite but couldn't escape the reality that we had heard more hymns during lunch than we would have heard had we attended church that morning.  Hymns with a honkey-tonk twist  . . . it was kind like God was winking at us and saying, "So you thought you'd skip out on Me today, eh?" 

Belly full, I stopped by the pianist on my way out and dropped my offering in her tip jar.  It only seemed a fitting way to end our worship at the buffet.

Ever tried to slip one past God and got busted like I did?