Monday, August 9, 2010

The Journey

I've heard it said that we're all on a journey to the cross.  We may be at different points on the path or even on different paths, but the destination is still the same.  (Lest you think I'm advocating a universalist theology, let me clarify that I'm not, but I digress.)  My journey has taken a few twists and turns in the past few years but that's probably not all that unusual, as journeys go.  Sunday night marked a new turn in the journey for Julia and me.

We joined Bay Community church on Sunday night.  With the closing of Crossroads Books and Gifts last year, the position that I held on staff at Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile as the bookstore manager was, of course, eliminated and we began the search for a new church home here on the Eastern Shore.  We've spent the last year on that journey looking, pausing, and listening.  We worshipped with congregations as small as a couple of dozen folks and as large as several hundred.  Raised Southern Baptist, I've served on staff of two United Methodist churches and am now affiliated with another denomination.  Who'd of thunk?   Not me  . . . I'm as much a creature of habit as the next guy.  In all the time that we were members and served on staff of Methodist churches, I secretly claimed to be a Baptist missionary to that denomination.  Truth be told, my journey has taught me that there is far more that unites us than that which might divide us.  The more I have learned about various denominations, the less threatened I have become by the differences.  We're happy that we've found a new church home and look forward to continuing our journey with this new family of faith. 

We expect to be challenged, encouraged, and matured as we continue our journey at Bay Community.  We expect to discover new opportunities of service and to expand our circle of relationships.  That's how it is with journeys  . . . new people, new places, new challenges, all designed to continue to create us in the image of the Creator. 

How is your journey progressing?  In what ways are you being challenged and changed?

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