Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day two: Where do you think we are today?

The adventure continues  . . . take a look at the pix below and see if you can guess where we are today.  I'll give you a couple of hints:
  • this city is home to one of my favorite desserts
  • if you doubled my IQ., I still wouldn't be smart enough to get into this school
  • I wonder what these people do with all of those "R's" that they don't pronounce
(click to enlarge)

Note to prospective burglars:  Remember the dogs? They're still at home and Mary Maybaum is feeding them sparingly so they're probably hungry and a little cranky. Mary has been honing her shooting skills at the pistol range and she's pretty certain that she can ensure that any person who attempts to burgle the house will be able to cancel his appointment with the urologist for that little "snip, snip".  She thinks that if her shot hits it's mark,  each of the dogs will get a little "treat", to boot!  Just saying  . . .

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