Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New England adventure, the epilogue

Whenever I return home after traveling, I routinely think about how fortunate I am to live where I do.  When we returned from New England last week, I was happy to be back home but I have to admit that the contrast between where I had been and where I was returning was different this time.

Julia chose this destination precisely because it was not like any other place we had visited and it was an excellent choice.  Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine were beautiful, the people were gracious and I wish I had taken photos of some of the people that we met.  One our first day, we went to Concord, MA and were wandering around looking for a specific site.  An elderly woman spotted us looking at a map, stopped her car in the road and walked back to ask if we were lost and needed directions.  That was representative of the gracious people that we met along the way.  OK  . . . maybe not everyone was that gracious but almost all were.  Every community has a few grumps.  

We spent only one day in Boston and the remainder of our time was spent primarily in more rural areas.   The countryside and Atlantic coast are beautiful.  The people who live in New England are blessed to live there and we were blessed to be able to visit.  I don't take opportunities like this for granted even if I'm not ready to pack up and move there but I have a greater appreciation for the people there and the place that they call "home." 

In what ways do you think you have been impacted by the places you have visited?

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