Friday, December 10, 2010

Finding the perfect gift

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for someone is a tough job.  You think about their interests, dreams and needs and try to match the gift to those goals.  Sometimes you realize that this person already has adequate resources to explore those interests, actualize those dreams or meet those needs.  Does it make sense to just pile on resources on top of resources in the form of a gift just for the sake of gift giving?  How do you honor the unique interests, dreams and needs of that person in a way that honors them and honors our responsibility to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us?  Compassion International has a suggestion.

A few year back, Julia and I began giving some gifts to friends and family in the form of honorary gifts, cards describing a gift given in their honor.  Knowing that some of these people had more than adequate resources but still wanting to honor them with a gift, we made contributions to meet needs that were special to them.  To a friend who lost a brother to A.I.D.S., we made a contribution to A.I.D.S. research and treatment.  To my mom who always worried about children being cold, we made a contribution to buy winter coats for needy kids.  To a teacher friend, we made a contribution that provided books and school uniforms for a child in a third world country.  In each of these cases we honored the unique interests of a friend or family member by meeting the need of someone truly deserving. 

You can do this, too, through the Gifts of Compassion catalog available from Compassion International.  The possibilities are numerous and it's easy to find a gift that connects with the person that you want to honor.  You can even designate any dollar amount you want to one or more of many projects.  It's easy.  Click here to take a look at your options. 

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