Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Well, at least you go somewhere."

My college roommate, Mickey Breedlove, and I were reliving some old memories this weekend when I recalled a funny moment from our college days at Auburn.  I reminded him of the time that we had gone to visit a Pentecostal church in a nearby town one night that was pastored by someone in his extended family.   Following the service, a  young woman came up to welcome us and politely asked, "Where do you go to church?"  I told her that I was an active member of First Baptist Church in Auburn.  She quietly responded, "Well, at least you go somewhere."  God bless her!  I know she meant well but we Christians can say the dumbest things!

I wonder if it ever occurred to her to that what she said was an insult.  No harm was done  . . . I just laughed it off but it makes me wonder what kinds of things I've said to other Believers that are insulting to them?  I have significant theological differences with some Christian denominations but nothing will be gained by insulting or belittling them.  Worse yet, I wonder what things I have said to non-Believers in the name of Christianity that was insulting to them?  I'm pretty sure that none of us is going to insult someone into faith in Christ.

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