Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ever wonder what dogs are thinking?

I recently began volunteering a couple of afternoons a week at The Haven, a no-kill animal shelter with a great reputation in our town.  I offered to help where they had the most need and right now that was simply in walking dogs.  Each afternoon that I work, I take about 8 dogs (1 at a time) on a 15 minute walk.  For those of you who don't have dogs, "walking the dog" is a euphemism for taking the dog out to pee and poop and cleaning up his/her poop when the business is done.  The good news is that unlike the flimsy plastic grocery bags that I use for my own dogs, the shelter provides some really high quality poop bags to retrieve the mess  . . . no holes and much less likely to break open on you! Yeah, I know, it's really a glamorous job but I love dogs and am willing to help where needed.  I figure that this must be part of God's plan to keep me humble.

Since it's just me and dogs, I talk to the dogs during our walks.  I can't be certain but I suspect that they understand me.  They respond appropriately to my questions and commands.  I praise them for being the dog that:
  • poops at the earliest point in the walk, 
  • generates the biggest pile of poop, 
  • poops the most times in a single walk,
  • pees on /marks the most bushes or clumps of grass, or
  • pees the largest puddle.
Every dog deserves praise and I look for something to praise in every dog on every walk.  

I ran across this clip on YouTube today and thought it was worth sharing here.  I'm a firm believer that dogs are smarter than we think and this video supports my suspicions.  Although the dogs that I walk are not fluent in English as this dogs is, they respond to me, too.  Watch this video  . . . this may the best 80 seconds of your day!

Told you so!

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