Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'Dat boy ain't right

My younger son, Peter, ran across this picture he snapped of his older brother, Zack, while we were on vacation at the beach at Ft. Morgan a few years ago.  It's not what it looks like.  

Zack is sitting on a ventilation tube on the top of this Civil War era fort at the mouth of Mobile Bay.  Apparently, he and his brother thought it looked like a toilet so Zack posed for this picture.  It's a wonder that he didn't get arrested. The fort has only a handful of staff and I recall that there weren't many visitors there that day so I guess we can consider ourselves lucky that we didn't didn't have to bail anybody out of jail.  Peter's wife, Heather, was with us that day  . . . her first vacation with the Summerlin clan and I can only imagine what she must have thought of her new brother-in-law? 

Life is too short not to have some fun!

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