Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rest in peace, little buddy

Rags     1999-2011
I'm gonna miss this dog. Julia and I cried like a babies on Thursday when we had to have him put down.  His illness had progressed to the point where we knew he was suffering and it was time to end it.

He was my Christmas present in 1999   . . . or at least "permission to get a dog" was my Christmas present.  In early 2000, I started looking in the local animal shelters for a dog.  Not just any dog, mind you.  I was looking for just the right dog.  I found him at the Baldwin County Animal Shelter just off of Hwy 32 in Summerdale.  I unlatched the gate on the run he was in, stepped inside and sat down on the floor.  This year-old, long-legged, rough-coat Parson Jack Russell Terrier got up from his bed at the end of the run, ambled over to me, climbed up in my lap and lay down. Done deal.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"You'll know when it's time"

"You'll know when it's time," our vet told told us.  One of our dogs, Rags, is dying and the last couple of months we've done everything we can do to keep him comfortable and monitor his condition to ensure that he's not in pain.  "How will we know when it's time to put him down?", we wondered.  She was right  . . . it was clear to me less than an hour ago that it was time.  I'll spare you the gory details but his systems seem to be failing all at once.  I had an idea this morning that it was looking grim but a little after noon, it was clear that the time is now.  I called the vet and she can see us in a couple of hours. 

I'll miss him.