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Monday, July 25, 2011

I surrender

I surrender.  The fleas that I wrote about in an earlier post here have gotten the best of me.  I returned to my mom's house today to find that they were alive and well in her living room despite all my efforts to eradicate them over the past couple of months and especially last week.  When I brought my mom back home last Thursday, I  placed a pan of soapy water under a goose-neck lamp on the floor of her living room (the site of the heaviest infestation)  to attract any remaining fleas and assess the effectiveness of my efforts and today there were 40-50 fleas in the pan.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Man vs. Flea

This week I start an all-out assault on the fleas that have invaded my mom's house.  This ugly battle started 6 or 7 weeks ago when her front yard became infested with fleas.  She doesn't have any pets but that didn't seem to matter.  The fleas decided to set up residence in her yard and that made it impossible for her to spend anytime sitting the the swing in her front yard, one of her favorite pastimes. I reacted immediately by calling in an exterminator to treat her whole yard but the fleas persisted.  Fleas 1, Ken 0.